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celebrate the art of the horse in xi’an

The impressive Shaanxi History Museum in Xi’an has opened a special exhibit of spirited horse figures to celebrate the New Year of the Horse. They will be on display until April 25, 2014, so visit this Spring of the Horse to catch them. You can see more of the exhibit of cultural and artistic relics here, and visit the museum’s website here.

For lots more information about visiting Xi’an, stay tuned to download China Tea Leaves 西安 Xi’an, which will be available on iBooks any day now. Check back soon for the latest news about its release and visiting Xi’an!

beijing treasures reconstructed

A new series of exhibitions in Beijing features beautiful reconstructions of some of the capital’s landmarks. These impressive scale models are made by the China Red Sandalwood Museum of ebony and red sandalwood, materials that will last for generations. The models shown thus far include the Temple of Heaven, a Ming dynasty gem in beloved Tiantan Park, and the former Andingmen and Yongdingmen gates. The latter two were gates in Beijing’s old city wall, which was torn down in the 1950’s to make way for a new street system. Yongdingmen has since been reconstructed adjacent to its original location at the south central entry into the walled city.

To view the models, visit the National Museum of China, 16 East Chang’an Avenue, before December 29.