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Chengdu = More pandas



Chengdu, the capital of China’s spicy Sichuan province is the hometown of the giant panda. The research center in Chengdu has 83 pandas, most of them on view to the public. It’s important to get here early and catch the panda’s bamboo breakfast.

While pandas are by far the cutest thing you’ll see in Chengdu, the city has a lot to offer the tourist. Its laid back lifestyle, beautiful parks, and delectable food treat you to a life of the senses. Historic sites abound – Taoist temples and sacred mountains, green tea fields on the Buddhist Mount Emei, and the residences of famous poets.

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Pandacam blues? Get your panda fix in Chengdu

pandacropThe US government shutdown has had an unfortunate casualty – the National Zoo’s much loved Pandacam has gone dark. Panda lovers – never fear – you can catch up on all the panda action at the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu.

Since China does nothing in a small way – here you will have the benefit of 28 cameras in 5 different locations! All panda action, all the time.

And if you’re already in China,  you can turn on a new television channel dedicated to 24/7 coverage of these leisurely animals. Eating, sleeping, eating some more…they truly live up to the literal translation of their Chinese name 大熊猫 daxiongmao or “giant bear cat.”

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