day trip – shunde august 17

Arcaded sidewalks, storefronts steaming with goodies, courtyards lined in jewel toned stained glass. Take an early spring stroll through historic Shunde for a day of gastronomic and visual delights.

Shunde (顺德) district of Foshan city is a wonderland of the culinary kind, and is known by Chinese as the hometown of the best chefs of Cantonese cuisine, typically the highest regarded cuisine throughout China. Our destination will be the winding streets of Daliang, Shunde, not far from the medieval looking canals, where you’ll find pastel colonial buildings and decaying sign boards of tried and true restaurants. On this day trip we will sample some of Shunde’s classic eats, such as steamed cake, rice noodles, claypot rice, and Shunde’s famous milk desserts shuang pi nai and ginger milk. There is a phrase circulated by foodies, 食在广东,厨出凤城 (shi zai guangdong, chu chu feng cheng), that is, eating in Guangdong, your chef has come from the Phoenix City, a nickname of Shunde’s central Daliang district. Down the tidy alleys of Daliang, we’ll be seeking out some time-honored shops, such as “Remember” Milk, makers of shuang pi nai, China’s panna cotta, and niu ru, handmade milk discs that can be cooked into many dishes at home.

A must-see in Shunde is the nearby Qinghui Garden (清晖园), known as one of the four best Lingnan style gardens. Various courtyards unfold, revealing unexpected views and materials, such as stained glass, ceramic tile, wrought iron, gilded wooden pavilions and more. Wandering this Qing dynasty complex makes for a lovely afternoon, and ranks as one of the most beautiful spots I have seen in all of Guangdong province. It is worth taking the time to discover all the gems of each corner, a potted garden of bonsai, a tower lined in stained glass, a waterfall, a lucky koi pond, and on and on.

Come enjoy a day out learning more about the culture of southern China and feasting on Shunde’s offerings.

Price: 385RMB per adult, 220RMB for kids between 1.2-1.5m (345/200 for Shenzhen ABNet or SWIC member), kids under 1.2m get an additional discount – contact me.
Minimum 8

Saturday, August 17
Depart 8:00AM, return Shenzhen 6:00PM

includes round trip private shuttle, entrance tickets to Qinghui Garden, food throughout the day, and tour

Note: We will be sampling local foods in small reputable restaurants. Adventurous omnivores or flexible eaters will be happiest on this tour. I’m a pescatarian myself, so I can guide eaters around some restrictions but we will be trying some dishes that you probably haven’t had a chance to try in Shenzhen.

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