winter break


Shenzhen’s winter does not make one into a snowbird, no need to flee the subfreezing temperatures the US is enduring right now. Still, the new year is a good time to refresh mind and body. One local spot for rejuvenation in Shenzhen is the OCT East resort (东部华侨城 dongbu huaqiaocheng), a massive fairytale of a development, with two themed parks, a Buddhist temple, and palatial residences clinging to hilltops, all nestled in a picturesque valley east of central Shenzhen. In the Interlaken village, you can treat yourself to a mountainside soak in a series of therapeutic baths and stroll along the recreated alpine lake.

Elsewhere in China, options for hot springs and spas abound. You could even visit the most ancient and famous hot spring in China, the Huaqing Hot Spring outside of Xi’an, where Emperor Xuanzong and Yang Guifei retreated. Near Hangzhou, a natural hot spring has been discovered and opened into a new resort at Tuankou Hot Spring. This spring is the largest in eastern China, and is located close to other winter and four-season resorts, as well as Hangzhou’s sublime West Lake.

For more ideas on winter spa breaks, check here and here. Happy travels, and let us know if you have a special getaway planned this winter.

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