outing – fairy lake october 26

Let’s get out for a half day exploration of Shenzhen’s botanical treasures and a special temple!

On Saturday October 26 we will go together to the Fairy Lake Botanical Garden (仙湖植物园). The lush settings of the large park are the green lungs and heart of Shenzhen, sitting at the foot of Wutong Mountain, Shenzhen’s tallest peak.

The Botanical Garden features 1,349 acres of wild and landscaped tropical vegetation, all around the namesake Fairy Lake, or Lake of the Immortals. Stately trees line the winding roads wrapping the lake, over which looks the grand Hongfa Temple. 

The Hongfa Temple was founded and began construction in 1983 by abbot Ben Huan. This Buddhist temple was the first new temple to be built in China after the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. Its courtyards ascend the hill in a series of bright tile roofs. Visitors light incense and bow before the grand Mahavira Hall. A new phase of the temple has recently been opened to the west side, with an elegant pagoda rising up in the mist surrounding Wutong Mountain. 

After visiting the temple, we will explore some of the best botanical areas of the garden. Hundreds of miniature bougainvillea and evergreens make up the bonsai garden, a hothouse is filled with diverse cacti and succulents, and a pine garden evokes feelings of Japan with an arcing red bridge punctuating the framed view.

A half day out allows you to enjoy the greatness of nature in the subtropics of Shenzhen. 

Saturday October 26
9:30 Meet Huangbeiling metro
Bus to Fairy Lake Botanical Garden
10:30-11:00 Visit Hongfa Temple
11:00-13:00 Visit Botanical areas
13:00 Finish, continue to visit the gardens or lunch on your own

Price: 58RMB per person, includes garden entrance ticket, shuttle bus inside the park, bus from Huangbeiling, and a bottle of water

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