day trip – foshan february 4


Please note: this trip has been rescheduled for Sunday February 4.

Come on a day trip to see Foshan, the colorful hometown of Cantonese traditions! On a cold south China winter day, get your legs moving and your heart pumping while you learn about kung fu, lion dancing, ancient ceramics and traditional culture.

Foshan city is part of the Pearl River Delta and the third largest city in Guangdong, with distinctive Cantonese cultural traditions and rich history. Its name means “Buddha mountain.”

On this day trip we will visit the Ancestral Temple (祖庙 zu miao) in Foshan, which has been a central part of Foshan people’s religion for centuries. In this well preserved temple, you can also learn about Ip Man and Wang Fei Hong, two major kung fu masters from Foshan. The elements of Cantonese opera are demonstrated at the temple’s own traditional stage, so you can hear the orchestra or singer practicing (few performances each day at select times.) And don’t miss the heart of the Ancestral Temple, the ornate halls of Beidi, the northern emperor god, to whom locals pray to watch over Foshan.

We will eat lunch in Lingnan Tiandi, the neighboring historic district developed with many restaurants and quaint cafes.

After lunch, we will head to the Nanfeng Ancient Kiln. Here you can see a ceramics kiln that has been in continuous operation since the Ming dynasty, for over 500 years. There are also many charming sculptural alleyways and shops to find a wonderful ceramic souvenir.

Price: 280RMB per adult, 190RMB for kids between 1.2-1.5m (20RMB off for Shenzhen ABNet or SWIC member), kids under 1.2m get an additional discount – contact me.

Sunday February 4
Depart 7:30AM, return Shenzhen 6:00PM

includes round trip private shuttle, entrance tickets, and tour

Minimum 8, maximum 14

How to Book:

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